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It's a landmark.
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We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

You are at right place if you have a business need to build or rebuild an app. Please contact us to discuss your requirement with our app engineering team

We can help you with your infrastructure transformation project.  We are good at Google, Amazon and Microsoft cloud platforms. Please let us know if you want us assess your current infrastructure and recommend you the better Cloud option. 

We are your “Digital Trust” builders. Our Digital Trust team can take care of all your Cyber Security needs. 

If your business have any repeated human actions, our AI team can work with you to strategize, design, develop and implement a Robotic process to automate the daily repeated activities.

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Who we are?

Tech Engineering is what we do here at BillionApps.

 We are a boutique Engineering Agency with great experience and expertise in design, architect, developing and delivering the applications and building robust frameworks and processes to transform any organization digitally.

  Our handpicked IT engineers are good at understanding the our customers’s end users needs and design the application with design thinking to give the right experience to users of the application we develop.






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