Real Estate mapping project:

This project is a cumulative suite of applications for one of the top real estate companies of the world. The suite contains various projects like Xchange Tracking system, AutoXDefiner, Listing Based Website, Auto Import Engine etc. AutoXDefiner is a GIS based mapping system built in WPF that will help the co-ordinator map a certain locality/city effectively to showcase real life data related to a certain property. For this we have created a custom interface that has tools required to map, divide and define certain properties for any location all round the world. We have used a combination of Google Maps API and ThinkGeo MapSuite library for .NET. The mapped data is automatically synced to API as a part of further functionality. On a high level we achieved a successful mapping of the client’s properties over world accurately and has used the information to showcase various reports on the collected data like Drive Time to a certain location, Schools and Neighborhood information, Locality statistics like crime rate, life at a certain neighborhood etc… The system is built over a Big Data Setup based on Redis and Neo4j which will cater various outbound statistics on a given property from both custom and public generated data. The feed of the AutoXDefiner and Big Data Analysis engine is then fed to the MVC Web application to help the customers choose their right place to move into.

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