• Thinking BI

We gave RAVEN a mind that has the ability to catalyze the workflow of your Business Intelligence.

  • Futuristic Reporting

RAVEN has been equipped with intuitive UI and UX patterns that has built in capability of predictive, user search patterns, preloaded datasets etc that gives you the futuristic reporting

  • ATI Database

RAVEN understands the need for pace while running your precious reports keeping this in mind She has been equipped with advanced technological implementations when preparing data for your reports. Elastic in memory search layer is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Your BIG Data views

Data viewing can be painful but RAVEN’s customized dashboard enables you to view tons of data with few clicks. She could really save a lot of time for you.

  • Core Engine

At the heart of RAVEN with years hard work we have built an engine that can seamlessly integrate with a variety of data sources.

  • Integrating with Data System Implementations

We understand that every customer is unique in terms of their workflow and various data systems they use. We modeled RAVEN such that she can be integrated into your existing systems effortlessly.

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