WhatsApp, the most widely used IM application with drastical increase in usage because of its flexibility and features is now available with Nokia Aha 501 from 21st November, 2013. Nokia announces that the new software also comes with a one-touch social sharing and a more intuitive home screen. The upgraded Asha 501 will have WhatsApp, Microsoft Exchange Active Sync features and voice-over-IP. This Asha 501 will be the first device on the Asha Platform to serve WhatsApp. The app sends text messages, photos and videos together with voice messages.

Nokia Asha 501 with WhatsApp

The new interface comes with a single swipe camera, single touch share Facebook and accessibility to track Facebook comments and likes directly from Fastlane screen. This Fastlane now offers a lively, more personalized experience, more closely integrated with social networks.

The privacy features are also improved with this software update.  On the lock screen there is possibility to opt for seeing either full notifications or notification icons. The Fastlane content can be personalized so as to configure applications showing updates. Fastlane makes all the live updates when there’s some new activity to check out.

This updated software with WhatsApp will come pre-installed in all new Nokia Asha 501 handsets, whereas the existing users can update the software through an over-the-air software update. For the first time login, the app will automatically locate contacts on existing WhatsApp users.

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