margenius is a patent pending social network for networkers. It enables sales reps to import their contacts and calendars from Google, Exchange, SalesForce, and other sources to maximize their time by identifying location based opportunities to meet prospects, customers, and partners on a global scale. Founded by a team in DC, the app came about when the team members recalled ending up stranded in a strange city after a cancelled meeting.

When the marGenius team came to BillionApps, they wanted a solution that was secure, cost effective, platform independent, and could scale to meet unpredictable production loads and high volume. This sounded like a perfect fit for Amazon’s cloud based Web Services, which enables highly scalable solutions with low up front cost.

BillionApps leveraged their existing expertise in Amazon Web Services to deliver a secure HTML5 web application that runs on all major desktop browsers and phones. Running on Amazon’s EC2 instances and using CloudFront CDN technology, the application is capable of handling high traffic and on-demand scaling.

On the back end, application servers integrate with external contact and calendar sources to provide a single repository of opportunities and meetings for the end user.  On the front end, HTML5 and Geolocation technology combine with Google Maps to deliver native app features in the form of a web app that runs on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and desktop browsers.

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