Dropbox has an abundance of new look and feature-set on iOS 7. The latest version 3.0 of its Mobile Application launched on 21st November has a complete new design that mimics the look and feel of Apple’s iOS 7 and is user-friendly to share links or whole files. The iPad functionality allows for tapping on files and photos to toggle to full-screen mode. This application is supposed to be faster than the previous iterations.

Dropbox gets iOS7 Make Over with AirDrop Sharing

The app features a revamped App Store icon and an overall design that incorporates more white space, a cleaner look, and lighter, less obtrusive navigation bars. Folder and menu icons have also been redesigned. The latest version scores highly on the deference and clarity scales. Clean, crisp and consistent.

Together with the standard bug fixes in new app updates, the re-designed Dropbox features support Apple’s AirDrop. This supports users to save files wirelessly from other devices in Dropbox running on their iPad or iPhone. The Dropbox has also streamlined PDF viewing. It also became easier with the new iteration to send files to other apps or save videos to the device library and iPad users can quickly open files in full-screen.

The catalogue of features that came out with the new update are:

  • Beautiful new design for iOS 7
  • Streamlined iPad experience: just tap on your files and photos to toggle full screen
  • Improved sharing and exporting makes it easier than ever to send files to your favorite apps
  • AirDrop support lets you send links and files in a snap
  • Seamlessly save videos to your library
  • Speed! Faster launch, photo loading, and video playback
  • Vanquished our most common crashes
  • Fixed bug that caused HTML to render as text Oodles of PDF viewing updates