Cloud computing service is changing the IT scenario as much as the web did, back in the 1990s. Now a garage setup can deploy its services on the web on a shoe-string budget and still aspire to scale to the size of the Googles, FaceBooks and Amazons of our world.

The deployment platform will scale as and when the business grows, that too, in a granular fashion. For big companies, cloud computing provides enormous advantages of consolidation, manageability, flexibility and sand-boxing.

For many businesses, cloud computing services provides scale-out capability with core infrastructure being on-premise.

Such enormous advantages offered by the cloud are one reason why many companies are adopting the cloud technology and finding ways to migrate applications and infrastructure to the cloud. This is one technology that has created revolutionary changes in the way IT is done today. Cloud has this enormous processing power, virtually unlimited, that can churn data into insights readily, boosting the productivity of any organization that makes use of it.

Organizations use cloud computing services for rapidly scaling up and meeting changing needs of the industry. Now, the cloud is no longer a luxury; it is quite a necessity.

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